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IDDE For Municipal Employees - Utah

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Welcome to the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) training for municipal employees. This course provides essential information to help you participate effectively in your municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) program. Key Topics Covered: • Understanding IDDE: Learn what constitutes an illicit discharge and why it is important to prevent these discharges to protect water quality. • Regulatory Background: Overview of the Clean Water Act, its goals, and the importance of keeping pollutants out of water bodies. • Common Pollutants: Identify common pollutants and understand their impact on water quality and aquatic life. • Detection and Reporting: Learn how to detect and report illicit discharges, including the steps to take if you receive a call about a discharge. • Safety Procedures: Understand the importance of safety and the steps to take to protect yourself while responding to potential illicit discharges. • Your Role: Recognize your critical role in keeping your municipality's waters clean by preventing and reporting illicit discharges. By completing this training, you will be equipped to identify, report, and respond to illicit discharges, playing a vital role in protecting water quality and supporting your municipality's stormwater management efforts.

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