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General Industrial Stormwater Training

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Welcome to the General Industrial Stormwater Training. This course is essential for all industrial facility employees to understand and comply with stormwater regulations, helping to keep stormwater clean by preventing pollutants from leaving your facility. Key Topics Covered: 1. Understanding Stormwater • What stormwater is and its impact. • How stormwater carries pollutants to water bodies without treatment. 2. Regulatory Background • Overview of the Clean Water Act. • Requirements for industrial facilities. 3. Pollutant Management • Common industrial pollutants: sediments, oils, chemicals, metals, waste. • Strategies to control and prevent pollutants. 4. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) • Importance and components of the SWPPP. • Identifying contacts, pollutants, and Best Management Practices (BMPs). 5. Best Management Practices (BMPs) • Structural and non-structural BMPs. • Good housekeeping, minimizing exposure, and managing runoff. 6. Inspections and Corrective Actions • Importance of regular inspections. • Documenting inspections and addressing corrective actions. 7. Stormwater Sampling • Visual and analytical stormwater sampling requirements. • Techniques for collecting and analyzing samples. 8. Annual Compliance Requirements • Annual review of the stormwater program. • Employee training and state reporting requirements. Complete this course to manage stormwater effectively, ensure compliance, and protect water resources.

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