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Comprehensive Contractor SWPPP Training Program

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Welcome to the Comprehensive Contractor SWP Training Program. This course equips contractors and construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to comply with stormwater regulations and protect water quality during construction projects. Course Modules: 1. Introduction to Stormwater Regulations • Understand the Clean Water Act and its impact on construction projects. • Learn about obtaining permits for projects disturbing an acre or more. • Explore roles of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s). 2. Creating and Maintaining the SWP • Learn the requirements and creation process of the SWP. • Identify key components like responsible parties, pollutant mapping, and documentation. • Update the SWP regularly. 3. Best Management Practices (BMPs) • Explore BMPs for erosion and sediment control. • Learn to minimize site disturbance and preserve vegetation. • Plan sites to retain pollutants. 4. Inspector Responsibilities • Know the qualifications and duties of stormwater inspectors. • Learn about inspections, documentation, and corrective actions. 5. Site Maintenance and Housekeeping • Learn about maintenance and housekeeping practices. • Explore guidelines for storage, washout areas, and spill response. • Ensure regular inspections and documentation. 6. Stormwater Maps • Discover the role of stormwater maps in inspections. • Learn map requirements for site conditions and post-construction management. • Understand final stabilization and waste removal. By course end, participants will manage stormwater pollution effectively, ensuring compliance and protecting water resources.

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