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Landscaping Duties

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Welcome to the Good Housekeeping training for employees with landscaping duties. This course is designed to teach participants how to control pollutants created by landscaping activities and properly dispose of waste generated during the work. Key Topics Covered: • Pollutant Control: Learn to manage pollutants from plant material, soil, and chemicals. Understand how these pollutants can harm water bodies by promoting harmful bacteria and algae growth. • Best Practices: Adopt practices such as keeping grass clippings, leaves, and other debris away from streets and storm drains, properly disposing of organic waste, and protecting storm drains during large landscaping projects. • Soil Management: Prevent soil from clouding water by avoiding placement on impervious surfaces and using containment methods. Fertilizer Application: Apply fertilizers correctly, avoiding over-application and ensuring no runoff into storm drains or water bodies. • Chemical Use: Use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides responsibly, favoring spot treatments over broadcast methods, and avoiding application before rain or in windy conditions. • Waste Disposal: Dispose of all waste materials, including green waste and chemical waste, according to standard operating procedures (SOPs). By completing this training, participants will be able to effectively manage landscaping tasks while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring cleaner, safer water bodies.

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