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Long-Term Private Sector Stormwater Management

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Welcome to the Private Sector Stormwater Management training. This course focuses on long-term post-construction stormwater regulations under the Clean Water Act, essential for protecting water quality and ensuring compliance. Key Topics Covered: • Regulatory Overview: Understand federal and state regulations, including the Clean Water Act and local ordinances. • Importance of Water Quality: Learn why protecting water quality is vital for public health, wildlife, recreation, and community aesthetics. • Pollutant Management: Identify common pollutants such as sediments, nutrients, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and pathogens, and understand their sources and impacts. • Best Management Practices (BMPs): Implement surface controls, building maintenance, storage controls, waste management, landscaping, erosion controls, storm drain systems, and treatment methods. • Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain stormwater controls, document findings, and perform necessary maintenance to prevent pollutant discharge. • Compliance Requirements: Develop and maintain a long-term stormwater management plan, perform annual reporting, and understand enforcement procedures. By completing this training, participants will be equipped to manage stormwater runoff effectively, ensuring compliance and protecting the environment.

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