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Good Housekeeping for Fueling and Maintenance Activities

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Welcome to the Good Housekeeping training for employees responsible for fueling and maintenance duties. This course is designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills to control pollutants associated with fueling and maintenance of vehicles and equipment. By the end of this training, you will be equipped to reduce pollution, manage spills effectively, and handle waste materials properly, ensuring the protection of our waterways. Key Learning Objectives: • Develop and implement effective spill response plans. • Utilize spill kits correctly and ensure they are accessible. • Follow best practices for safe fueling to prevent accidents and spills. • Conduct routine and emergency maintenance in an environmentally responsible manner. • Ensure proper storage and secondary containment for liquid storage tanks. • Adhere to regulations and procedures for handling and disposing of waste materials. Throughout this course, you will learn to: • Create and maintain an up-to-date spill response plan. • Properly use spill kits and ensure all employees are trained in their location and usage. • Adhere to safety rules during fueling, including attending vehicles and avoiding topping off. • Perform routine and emergency maintenance while minimizing environmental impact. • Inspect and maintain storage tanks to prevent leaks and spills. • Manage waste materials safely, ensuring they do not contaminate storm sewers or water bodies. This training emphasizes proactive measures to prevent pollution, detailed procedures for managing spills, and proper disposal of waste materials. By following these practices, you will help keep our water bodies clean and protect the environment from harmful pollutants. Thank you for participating in this important training. Let’s work together to ensure safe and responsible fueling and maintenance activities, keeping our waterways clean and protected.

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