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The Division of Water Quality's proposed fee changes for Fiscal Year 2025 are now available for review. Fee changes are proposed for the following programs:

· Operator Certification · UPDES Permits · Construction Stormwater Permits · Ground Water Permits · Hourly rate for other permits

Construction Stormwater Permit Fees are currently flat at $150 per year and have not been increased since FY2014. The proposed fee structure will be tiered at 1-acre, 5-acres, and 30-acres thresholds of disturbed area. Projects with less than 1-acre of disturbed area will remain $150 per year. Projects greater than or equal to 1-acre and less than 5-acres will have a yearly permit fee of $250. For projects greater than or equal to 5-acres and less than 30-acres will have a yearly permit fee of $350. The upper tier will have a yearly permit fee of $450 for projects with a disturbed area greater than 30-acres. Information regarding the public comment period, hearing, and draft fee schedule can be found on the Public Notice Website using the following link: Written comments should be addressed to: Craig Silotti Finance Director, DEQ 195 North 1950 West PO Box 144810 SLC, Utah 84114-481

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