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Salt Lake City officials seek volunteers to keep storm drains clear of leaves, debris

By Gephardt Daily Staff -November 7, 2022

Salt Lake City is looking for volunteers for its Adopt a Storm Drain program.

The goal is to keep storm drains clear of fallen leaves and other debris that contributes to water pollution and localized flooding.

“Like programs that allow for adoption of roadways for litter removal, the Adopt a Storm Drain program by the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCDPU) encourages residents, community groups, schools, and businesses to adopt storm drains,” the mayor’s office statement says. “Volunteering just a few minutes, twice a month, will contribute to cleaner communities and healthier waterways.”

Greg Archuleta, SLCDPU Stormwater Quality Program manager, said the effort helps the community.

“Storm drains do not treat the water that flows into them. By adopting a storm drain, residents are helping us to steward waterways in our community and to protect water quality.”

In 2021, SLCDPU crews removed 2,715 tons of debris from city storm drains and ditches. They also intercepted 850 cubic feet of floating trash, preventing it from entering the Jordan River, the statement says.

“Most of the urban runoff in Salt Lake City ends up in the Jordan River, which has water quality impairments,” said SLCDPU Director Laura Briefer, adding that effort now will improve “water quality and aquatic health of the Jordan River and all waterways in our community, for current and future generations.”

For more information about the program and participation, click here.

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