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USWAC Meeting - April 2023

Please see this notes for the April USWAC conference below.

A big stressor was on BMP maintenance, and that will be the theme for the APWA conference this fall. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Reviewed CPPs

  • One lot, under an acre residential sites that are part of a CPOD

  • Can have multiple

    • One permit for multiple lots, CGP

  • Don't need RSI

  • MS4s can deny CPP due to being close to a water body or steeper slopes - HIGH RISK SITES

  • Once the project is complete, it is no longer eligible for CPP (if there is an addition to the house, etc.) No requirement for permit coverage per state (local requirements)


  • Record snow year - website for discharge requirements & fact sheets (look for website this afternoon)

    • Snow storage & BMPs

  • Jordan River area updates will be coming out soon

    • P2 requires SOP for snow disposal


  • Tom Beesley - No changes to the LTSMP template

    • Recommendations made for updates, but nothing yet

  • Training programs

    • RSI - still being revised

  • MS4 unification committee: Nothing

  • News and updates

    • APWA - getting ready for next fall conference, first T/W of October (would especially like presentations for maintenance)

      • Trying to get someone from region 8 to be the key note speaker this year

      • Really want presentations on Maintenance!!!!

    • Stormwater Coalition

      • Water quality fair May 18th (online)

    • Golden Spike

      • Dan - Water fair today and yesterday

    • Summit County

      • LOTS of snow. Trails trash and tunes, May 20th

    • Davis County

      • Water fair next week T/W

  • Next meeting: May 10th

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