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USWAC Meeting - June 2023

Storm Water Retrofit Plan

MS4 permit criteria

General MS3 Permit

List of 5 criteria for ranking a site’s retrofit priority:

1. Proximity to waterbody

2. Current assessment of waterbody with the goal to improve impaired waterbodies and protect unimpaired waterbodies and protect unimpaired waterbodies;

3. Hydrologic condition of the receiving waterbody;

4. Proximity to sensitive ecosystem or protected areas; and

5. Any sites that could be further enhances retrofitting storm water controls.


- GIS Data

- Preliminary Analysis

- Site Visits

- Site Ranking

- City Review

- Plan and Map

Existing Storm Drain Criteria

- Catchment

o Initial storm drain infrastructure encounteres.

o Ability to filet pollutants.

- Conveyance

o Infrastructure that moves runoff from catchment to destination.

o Ability to filter and reduce stormwater

- Destination

o Location where stormwater is first contained or outfalls.

o Ability to filter pollutants and infiltrate, evapotranspire, or harvest and use stormwater.

- Site Size

o Leading cause of increased runoff.

o Leading of increased runoff

Potential Pollutant Production Criteria

- Onsite storage

o Categorized by materials stores and how they were stored.

o Possibility of multiple categories stored.

- Site uses

o All sites had multiple uses.

o Each use received a relative score.

o All site use scores were summed for each site.

State of Utah Updates

- OSG funding becoming available this year (start thinking of retrofit projects in your area)

- Applications will be fall this year.

- New intern: Maggie Christensen

USWAC Subcommittees Updates

APWA News and Updates: Fall conference is coming up, we’re still waiting for a couple more presentations. Go online and submit your presentation.

Next meeting will be August 9th

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