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USWAC Meeting - May 2023

How to use Utilisync

- Key challenges to ms4:

perform activities and then document them

"A great hammer doesn't make a great carpenter but a great carpenter will always want to have a great hammer"

- It is an app to help you efficiently create and share inspection reports and other documents from a map.

- You can add a site contact, as many as you need, that way you can track what's happening with the action item, add a photo and see all the action items for the site.

- Action items are not going away unless the contractor take care of them.

- Contractors doesn't need any user or password, they just need to acces a link that goes to their emails, that will direct them to a pdf with all the information from the inspection.


- Add property owner as site contact

- Send reminders using notification template

- Track wich properties are past due


Through the app you can set up a dash for the annual report and have access for all the numbers you need.


Main difference between Utilisync and cGO

- Utilisync is GIS based / ms4 / contractor side

Regulations and update

Carl Adams:

jordan will be in charge of the industrial storm water permit

Tom Beesley:


The key is that the property owner fully understand what is this about.

Dan Woodbery:

Development of the RSI course


Presentation for the conference are welcome. Sumbit your presentation. 10 openings conference will be on 1st Tuesday of Oct.

SW coalitions

SL county: next Thursday, stormwater fair

Next meeting - Wednesday june 14th

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