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USWAC Meeting - October 2022

Updates to the RSI Course

The RSI (registered stormwater inspector) Program is being updated to improve the course and include changes and differences related to the most recent permit requirements (2021 CGP). The updates are also designed to focus the course more towards site owner or operator inspectors, as opposed to municipal inspectors.

  • Course developed by USWAC, APWA, and Utah DEQ

  • Administered and Tracked by LTAP

  • Hopefully released by the end of 2022

Goals of Update:

  • Updated to focus on Owner/Operator Inspectors

  • Converted to Internet Based

  • Incorporate 3D photos

  • Restructure the Exam

New Course:

  • 10 Modules each with Quiz

1. Welcome

2. History

3. The Permit

  • Permits, SWPPP

4. Erosion and Sedimentation

5. BMPs

  • Erosion Control

  • Sediment Control

  • Runoff Control

  • Site Management

  • Non-Structural

  • Good Housekeeping

6. The Inspector

7. The Inspection

8. Virtual Inspection

  • SWPPP Review

  • Virtual Inspection

  • Documentation

9. Summary/Resources

10. Exam

  • 70 Questions from 113 question bank

  • 70% to Pass

  • 30 Days to take the course

    • Watch all videos

    • Complete all quizzes

    • Navigate through Virtual Inspection Environment

    • Prepare at least one inspection report

    • Pass exam with 70% score

    • Complete 10 inspections on site

    • Register to become Registered Stormwater Inspecto

SWPPP Requirements

SWPPP Needs to be prepared by a “Qualified Person” (RSW)

SWPPP Review can be done by RSW or RSR

SWPPPs need in-field inspection by a Qualified Person

  • RSI





  • NICET Level 3

  • ECS

New EPA Course will be added to the CGP as another alternative

Other certifying qualifications can be used on a case by case basis, can be submitted and approved by the DEQ.

Utah Lake Water Quality Grant

Application for Utah Lake Water Quality Grant Funds - $30 Million Available - work through MS4 with ideas.

NetCDX Permitting System Concerns

Draft Status in CDX - means the form (NOI or NOT) has not been signed/certified. These are not considered submitted and can not be approved by the DEQ.

Industrial Stormwater Updates

Industrial MSGP Group 5 sectors - the State is beginning the renewal process for these sectors in the coming year. This is the final year of the MSGP. All NOIs will need to be renewed in 2024 after the new MSGP is finalized.

Name Change for St. George Stormwater Manager

For people operating in St. George, Kristi Shultz’s (stormwater manager) name is changing to Kristi Richards following her marriage. Her new email address will be

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