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Rights of Way

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Welcome to the Good Housekeeping training for employees working on streets, roads, and other rights-of-way. This course teaches how to control pollutants generated during roadwork activities and properly dispose of waste. Key Topics Covered: • Pollutant Management: Learn to manage pollutants from asphalt, concrete, and other road materials. • Best Practices: Follow guidelines to minimize pollutant entry into storm drains, such as working in dry weather and using proper containment for materials. • Material Storage: Properly store materials like asphalt, concrete, paints, and soils to prevent contamination. • Waste Disposal: Dispose of all waste materials, including chemical and construction waste, according to standard operating procedures (SOPs). • Spill Response: Implement spill kits and immediate cleanup procedures for leaks and spills. By completing this training, participants will be able to effectively manage right-of-way maintenance tasks while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring cleaner, safer water bodies.

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